We are a digital marketing specialist

Our focus

We focus on delivering strong online presence for your business
Interesting & Smart

We strive to deliver the best content curated and produced by content specialist tailored to your needs.


We have the best technology to deliver efficient and robust performance for your digital needs.

Intuitive UI & UX

User interface and user experience are our main focus as we value people more than machines.


We want people to be astonished with your business. Being unique and intuitive are our primary focus.

About Us

Digital marketing is essential for your business
Senada in Indonesian means harmony

Modern civilisations are always looking for exciting new things on the internet. We see and share what we love to eat and do. We just can’t afford to lose the chance to contribute to the ubiquitous, ever-growing society. Everybody is interconnected every day, everywhere.

Digital marketing is made of perfect combination of great design, technology, and content. We focus on delivering the best experience to people because we believe in people.

  • Accountabilty

    We are responsible for your business growth

  • User Experience

    We focus on delivering the best user interface and experience

  • Design

    We believe good design builds solid brand identity

  • Intuitive

    We always strive for new ideas and innovations

Our Team

Core team and founders
Samuel Darmento
Lucia The
Creative Director
Septhianto Diga Chandra
Chief Technology Officer

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